Friday, April 8, 2011

Some people... Enlighten my day

April isn’t cool. April is usually pretty messed up for me. Every year I am trying to avoid April. Cause after all these years I know what April can do. Call me superstitious or anything close to that. Black cats bringing bad luck or Friday 13th  is nonsense, but April… April brings a challenge for me every year. 
Most times in shapes of people. I have different kinds of people in my life, all having a different place in it. One in the past, or one in the future. Or in both. Well of those I have only a couple actually. 

They’ve all taught me different things. Each and every one of them. They taught me how to take care of myself, and how to appreciate myself. They taught me to say yes and no. They taught me patience and how to act fast. They taught me how to be strong and hold on. And I am grateful for that. But even more grateful that these people are gone. 

Out of my life.

The people who stay behind enlighten my life every day with a different light. They make me survive April ones more. Please do note that this is an even bigger accomplishment.

To these people: I miss you. I love you. Most of all, I hope I gave you some sunshine, just as you did.