Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Don't worry

The people in Holland are the most happy people in the world. At least that’s what some articles said today. Not Dutch people are the happiest people in the world, no. The people who live in Holland. 

It rains approximately 364 days in the year and on the other days it snows.
About 16 million bicycles around without wanting to be healthy
We have fresh fruit that tastes like water
Apparently Holland is the land of compromise
We eat at 18.00 o clock here
Cow’s in the north south west and even in the east
Cow’s everywhere
A windmill on every corner of the street to keep us from drowning
Wooden shoes

AND we are found very happy with our lives.

Now without any disrespect to this country: We have bikes. More than one. But it’s not cool to be very healthy here. We compromise on everything. Therefore we eat at 18.00 every evening. We have cows everywhere and even worse we have water in the sky and on the ground. We have a terrible taste in shoes. And we are still very happy. I do not know how we do this… But it’s interesting to think about. Perhaps everybody who came to Holland got a little happy implanted. Creepy,  but cool! I think we will find out someday. Till then: Respect to the people in this country!! Keep on the good work!!


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  1. jajaja i do believe u and since i already checked most of the stuff ’n i may say dutch are cool ;) just a small remark its 90 sunny days on average every per year... :D but here sun and rain together is possible :D :D

    hmm not sure about the happy implants part, but i have to tell u, its totally different country when the sun is gone. I love holland and dutch - that was one of my reasons to come here, but people do change because of the season...dramatically lol