Monday, March 14, 2011

A heart will never be practical...

In life there are certain moments that you will probably remember at the end of it. The day you heard you graduated from high school. The day you bought your first fridge. The day you said I do to the person you love more than anything else in the world. The day you got your lovely children.

I am at the stage of buying a fridge. It’s really cool. I actually bought it last Saturday. It was about 14 degrees outside. That’s warm in Holland, believe me. He’s so perfect, my fridge. He cools some food, if I’d switch it on, and he’s white!! A real white fridge which I can call my own J

Besides this terrefightinly beautiful fridge I also got myself a Magic Mushroom. It’s a mushroom like every other mushroom until you switch it on. Then it becomes a vacuum cleaner, vacuuming all your crumbles fast and easy. We call him Tha Mushroom

Next to Tha Mushroom I got carpet! Very soft fluffy carpet. Thanks to my mom, Herjan, Raoul and Walter its cut very nice. My dad and I aren’t that good with carpet so we cleaned -again- and put some beds in the right positions.

Of course you will  get some pictures. I just forgot to make them yesterday evening. Sorry, but I was just too tired. I’ve been smoothing, painting, waiting for everybody and cleaning at the same time for almost two weeks straight now. My hands don’t only smell like chemical thingies and some Nivea, they are so soft right now you could smooth a whole door with it. No paper needed. Very practical.  

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