Thursday, December 2, 2010

The PERFECT mathematical explanation for....

So I promised my mom to write a blog for/about her. So here it is. It  is going to be about a formula that I recently discovered. My brother studies Physics and Mathematics. Which is really cool of course. But he speaks in formulas all the time. So in order to understand him I need to speak a little bit  Formula as well. This is why it was so easy to  make a formula for the problem that I found today. It’s the following genius and well proofed formula:


Which basically stands for:


In which the S stands for a certain amount of Stupidity, the Q for a Question, the R for a Remark and guess what?? The A for an Answer. S depending on the person and Q,R and A depending on the circumstances.  I proofed this genius formula by a number of researches. For instance: if you would ask people about the weather they would reply about the weather. In this situation S would be a number of let’s say 50. If you would ask any person about the meaning of life you could get a very useful answer back. In this case S would be 1. (I would have to warn you, this all depends on the person you are talking to and the circumstances) If you would ask a person why banana’s aren’t standing up right instead of curved, you possibly get a pretty messed up answer. Let’s say this represents a 100 S. Okaj, so now you have an idea of how it works. Let this be a warning to you all. If I answer a very not significant answer to your question, it could just be that the question was all wrong. So: Please do never ask where the chocolate is (lepracons… need I say more?). Don’t try to ask me why I fall over my own feet all the time (It’s the freeking floor that’s trying to get me down, I am telling you men). And please, PLEASE. Do not ever ask me how I became so young (totally my parents fault, I had nothing to do with it). Right mom?

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