Sunday, November 28, 2010

My green eyes aren't greenish

They say that the iris is the place where you can see on the outside of someone, who he is. Everything you can see in the heart of the eyes. You can see whether or not a person is reliable, how he/she reacts in certain situations and how you should react on them. Wouldn’t that be nice. To know a person in the blink of an eye, literally.  Devastating, and so not true. Cause then I would understand myself much better as well, just by looking at myself. I can tell you, looking at myself actually makes it worse. I tend to avoid my eyes, and those of others for that matter. Cause I am afraid. What if it’s true? What if you could see in the blink of an eye how a person is? Life would get so much easier, so much more convenient. Everybody would have their true love for ever and ever. All fairytales would come true. Everybody would have friends for life and nobody would ever get hurt because all criminals would be locked up behind bars. Blue butterflies flying around rainbows singing birds everywhere and kids playing around… You get the picture. Well, the birds and butterflies are all sleeping for the winter, the rainbow will be a snowbow from now on and kids playing??  If they’re smart they will play indoors right now. No, the real answer lies somewhere else. It’s not in the heart of the eyes, it’s in the heart of the heart. The eyes might say where you are looking at but when the heart speaks like a piano plays, it can’t be somebody else then you. 

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