Monday, June 6, 2011

Silence to make the sound worthy

The best sound I have ever heard in my life was silence. You can wake me in the middle of the night, and I won’t mind, to listen to the silence right before a storm. When I hear nature calming down, preparing for what will come, that’s what makes me calm. I can feel the blood in my veins stop rushing, my heartbeat slows down and my head becomes empty till all worries have disappeared into the earth. I know it sounds strange, but you are my silence. You make my world stop rushing around me and you can make me calm on every certain moment you want me to be. I can lay down in the grass, or on stones for that matter, studying the pace of your heartbeat, and feel every care I ever had dissolve into pure nothingness. I can hear you talking, and suddenly everything makes sense again. I don’t even necessarily have to agree with you, and even that is fine with you, but it just makes sense.  I can listen to music with you and feel every tremble trough my body. And when we are just chilling on the couch, I can’t imagine a place where I feel safer. Please wake up, you are not the bad things they or you say you are. I don’t understand why you let them stop you from moving. You should be the one that knows you best and be able to put on foot right in front of the other. So, proposition:  I am going to be marching on. I would like to do it with you on my side. I’ll take care of the rest, those are my problems to fix. That way we can enjoy the journey. I have been told  that the journey makes it all worth something, not the goals. But perhaps that is something to think about for the next blog.

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