Thursday, July 21, 2011

Whiter than White.

To be a person in this crazy world is actually kind of hard. For some reason everybody is always fighting.  At least this is how I am seeing it for now. Fighting with each other, for each other or, even worse, with or for themselves. Fighting is not really something I do for fun. I know it’s necessary because otherwise I wouldn’t get to know anybody nor myself, for who they really are. Sometimes I think that it might be a good thing to not really know anybody, it’s just that everything would be even more difficult without anyone around. But I don’t specifically enjoy fighting. Neither should any other person. Worst thing of fighting is that it never stops. When the heat of the fire is over, you get “the” choice: Or you will be fighting with each other, either with each other near or a part, or you will be fighting for each other. But it never stops once you started.

 It’s hard to make the right choices when the wrong ones are presented aside of the right choices. I am totally aware of that. But it would make things a lot easier if we would set that as a goal. We could make this our surprise effect. The thing that will astonish people and confuse them. Act out of just integrity, people won’t understand what they are dealing with. To make the right choices when they are wrong enough to only present the wrong ones. To be able to leave your pride aside and just ask each other what happened, instead of just acting. I choose to become Whiter than White. I might be joined, or might not. But it won’t make a difference in my decision. 

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