Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A new world

There are many stories about his life. Even his son didn’t know for sure who Cristopher Columbus was. He could have been Italian, or Spanish. It’s possible that he had a high status in society, or not. He could have been a pirate like Jack Sparrow, or he was really civilized. Endless possibilities about the life of just one man. Why all these questions? Well, I can tell you they celebrate the day today in America. Today it’s the twelfth of October. It is a special day today. Besides that the twelfth of October won’t be on a Tuesday any time soon and certainly not with this weather this is the day that Columbus found America. Columbus is someone I see as one of the first CreaTers. He might not have created something, but he was brave enough to start to discover. I think we all need our first Columbus-moment. The first journey to the unknown. The first answers to ourselves and then the first quest and the first thing we can discover all by our self. The only answers we have are: he was born someday, he has found America and then someday after that he died. But I bet he knows the rest of the story.

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