Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Yesterday is gone

Since I have started this study, most people ask me to ‘invent’ something. Most women want a robot that cleans the house. My mom has been asking for that, for about 17 years now. The leaves are falling from the trees. Now that it’s autumn again,  people want a weather machine against the cold. My musical friends want a new instrument, and my sailing friends would really like a faster boat. I need to invent a disposable chair, a screen you can bring everywhere so you can always see pink elephants dancing around (don’t even ask from who I got that), a thing that would stop people from forgetting their appointments (do you people ever look in your diary?) and fast…. if you please. I haven’t even started about how many people asked me about travelling through time. But apparently it’s a topic that lots of people think about a lot. They have a clear time in mind they want to go to in the past or they just want to go to ‘what used to be’. Or even worse: people want to be away from now but also from the past which leaves just the future… I have to tell something to those of you who are thinking these things:

Yesterday is past, tomorrow jet to come. Today is a gift that’s why it’s called the present.

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