Thursday, September 9, 2010

Connecting or disconnecting?

The hours in the cafeteria are quite productive. If you would look at us from a distant you would think that we were doing absolutely nothing. Which in fact isn’t the case today. You would think it wouldn’t be possible but the main thing we did in the break today was eating. As it is supposed to be you would think but I think it is strange. Because I don’t know what the rest of my fellow students did in the break. Within 5 minutes we had a big group of CreaTers sitting here. And it only took another 5 minutes to have on almost every single one of their laps a laptop warming their legs. Now this is possible. We did some bug stuff this morning in introduction to computer science but still. Why is everyone so eager to escape from this place. Doesn’t that sound strange to you to? We need just this much of spear time and immediately we are just gone. And because we can’t run that fast to be in time back here we just pull out our laptop or our mobile phone to connect with the outside world and, of course, disconnect with reality. 

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