Thursday, September 16, 2010


Today we introduced peppernoten to some of our foreign fellow students. For those of you who don’t understand, peppernoten is an English word that didn’t exist until 5 seconds ago. It’s a dutch thing we would say but don’t worry I’ll explain. Sinterklaas is something like Santa Claus only Sinterklaas was there first. He lives now for a more than a hundred years in Spain with Black Piet, cause he's having trouble with his rheumatism. Actually my aunt lived for a while next to him but he always seemed to be on holiday when we were there. More importantly he celebrates his B-day (on the 5th of December) by giving presents to ALL the children in the country.  Of course this is a time of candy and sweets for the good children and it’s not so nice for the other children. I can’t remember the last time a child has been punished around this festival but it happened in the old days I guess. For the older more adult children and adults to it’s nice because we send each other poems to discuss the year and of course eat sweets. And peppernoten are the sweets that belong to this festival. Most foreign people think it’s dog food. But my foreign friends actually liked it. The point of this blog?? Differences are there until you ask and there for make them disappear. So make them disappear. It's not so hard.

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  1. I actually opened this year's first bag of peppernoten this afternoon. I look forward to that moment every year :D