Tuesday, September 7, 2010

We influence each other with the powerful weapon: Ourselves

It’s strange now isn’t it. We wake up, take breakfast, do our things during the day and go to sleep again. It sounds so easy yet it is not. People influence other people and in one of my other blogs I used the metaphor running for this social behavior. I was thinking about this the other day. Just a day, and I had nothing else to do. I was working so that’s not much fun at all. But one of the things about working my job and then in particular with me is: I can put myself on an automatic pilot. I do everything automatically and I can do my own stuff in my head. So I was thinking about what to do that evening and all of a sudden it was like in a movie. Everything slowed down (or my brain was just speeding up) and I saw things that I normally didn’t see. I noticed how an older lady was speeding up her pace because she saw her husband standing outside. He was there all the time and she knew this but she needed to see him before she speeded. I noticed a men in a suit (on Saturday?) talking to his phone. Why would he do something like that on Saturday? Didn’t he want to take a rest or something? I noticed that he was making this small movement with the corner of his eye. It was a very subtle but it seemed a movement of disgust to me. This was strange. What could be so terrible to make a face change, even for a second, into this mode that looks like this man thinks something is disgusting. There must have been an influence on the other side of the phone. Or perhaps it was just his phone itself. I noticed this woman talking to a man behind her in line without saying anything. What’s that kind of social behavior about? Why are people communicating with each other without saying anything useful? Why can’t they just talk about how they feel instead of talking about some clouds in the sky? The man was totally bored and the women wasn’t doing herself a favor either. She was now influencing not only him but also herself in a bad way. I noticed my college looking at the movements I made and I noticed that I was wondering if he saw the same things. He did. I guess influencing someone else is easier then I expected. 

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