Monday, November 1, 2010

What I talk about when I talk about:

Communication is not easy. It´s so hard that we don´t even try any more with most people. It´s just about birds in the sky, how the sun is standing in the sky today, how sweet bunny´s are when they are walking through the fields, and stuff I don’t want to talk about when I talk about talking. I want to talk about the philosophical things in life, about trees being so beautiful in autumn, about why we are here. I am in desperate need of talking about not only Live Life and Love but also beyond that. I believe that everybody has a story. Something that made you the person you are now. I see everything around me changing and sometimes don’t understand why. Most off all I see myself changing. I don’t understand that either. Cause all I want to do is talk. And whenever talking becomes speaking, you are going to lose me from now on. So… What´s your story/talk about?


  1. You are absolutely right about the trees =D

  2. Hey Inez, nice short message to people reading. Hope there is someone who had to get the message addressed. It was bit of suprice for me to see that Coldplay video- a close friend of mine said recently that this song describes me very well, in his personal view.... well i don't know if I would support that statment but its still a nice song (chuckle).

    To get back to topic, something took my attention in your 'talk' and thats about the valuble thinks like |trees being beautiful in autumn." Somehow I would say thats the same kind of talk as "how the sun is standing in the sky today" since the reason that season is so beautiful is simply because of the way sun is situated in the sky. =)))

    About sharing personal stories... well thats also not the right place, at least not for valuble respon. Hope to find your way in having 'the talk' =)